About Us

The Florida Design and Construction Professionals (FLDCP) networking group was formed in 2009 by Robert Caine, Electrical Engineer and owner of Project Caine.  Bob's vision was to provide a casual atmosphere where design and construction professionals could meet,  get to know each other and help each other develop their businesses.  Today, FLDCP offers a monthly after work social networking event, usually around the 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. 

We encourage members to invite guests to the monthly events so that we can demonstrate the value of the networking events and, hopefully, convert guests to member thereby growing our membership and business referral base.

Proceeds from each monthly event are donated to the charity of the hosting company's choice. This format allows members a chance to showcase their place of business, offer a new and interesting venue in which to network and provide a means to contribute to their favorite charity. (For example, each September Danto Builders hosts an event to benefit the Special Olympics.) 

FLDCP has also become a political force in the community with the goal to encourage public officials to pass legislation favorable to the construction industry. As an example, many businesses are frustrated with how difficult it is to do business in Broward County. Our efforts are approaching this problem with a two-prong strategy:

  1. Populate the government affairs committees of sympathetic sister organizations such as the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Smart Growth Partnership, AIA, USGBC, and Broward Days.
  2. Encourage all of our members and the members of our sister organizations to populate the Sustainability and Planning and Zoning Committees in all the cities in Broward County.

One of the best testimonials to our group was when one of our members  thanked me for inviting her to the group.  She said, “It has only been 3 months since I have been attending the events and I have already received over $100,000 worth of business from other members in the group.”  Another member added, "I have met over 140 business professionals who I am happy to work with or refer work to."

Robert Caine, Founder and President, 

Florida Design and Construction Professionals